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“Fölszállott a Páva” TV Show Back!!!!!

For adoring fans (like yours truly) of the “Fölszállott a Páva” show – Hungary’s version of “American Idol” for folk dancers, musicians, and singers – it is BACK for a second season on Duna TV.   Read more

Birmingham Ethnic Festival

The Birmingham Ethnic Festival in Toledo, Ohio is coming up on August 18 and 19, 2012.  Gyanta Band will once again be playing, and we are excited to be there once again!  For those unfamiliar with this longstanding, largely Hungarian-oriented festival, here is an explanation from the organizers’ website:

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Tanchaztalalkozo 2012 Wrap-Up (Part 3)

Here’s the final installment of my wrap-up of the Tanchaztalalkozo 2012 that took place at the end of March/beginning of April in Budapest.  It is the world’s largest Hungarian folkdance and folk music festival and gathering.

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Tanchaztalalkozo 2012 Wrap-Up (Part 2)

Seeing and hearing well-established, seasoned bands who have been working for decades is like eating your favorite “comfort food.”  This year’s Tanchaztalalkozo in Budapest, like most previous years, featured one such band – Duvo.

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Tanchaztalalkozo 2012 Wrap-Up (Part 1)

This year I had the good fortune of attending the annual Tanchaztalalkozo (the largest Hungarian folkdance and folk music gathering in Budapest), which was, as usual, rich with diverse and top-notch fol programming.  You can access the full programme (in Hungarian) here (click on “Letoltes”).  The next three blog entries share my own impressions of what I witnessed over two full days of non-stop folk action during the Tanchaztalalkozo.

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Tamburitzans of Duquesne University – 75th Anniversary Celebration

My personal musical development, and the musical and dance life of thousands of others around the world who were in the group and have seen it perform, was deeply affected by my years of performing with the Tamburitzans of Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University.  In 2012, the Tamburitzans are celebrating their astounding 75th year of existence.  In fact, this coming weekend (March 23-25, 2012), hundreds of alumni and supporters of the group will converge on Pittsburgh to join in on the anniversary festivities, which will include a special performance which features a dance/music number from Szaszcsavas, Transylvania, choreographed by my talented dancer friend Richard Balazs (a fellow former Tamburitzan) and music arranged by myself.

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