Eletfa 25th and Csurdongolo 15th Anniversary Performances

The weekend is upon us – on March 10, 2012, at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the Eletfa Hungarian Folk Band and the Csurdongolo Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble take the state together in matinee and evening performances to celebrate their significant anniversary milestones.  

For more information about the performances on March 10, and to order tickets which I believe are still available, visit the show’s web page.   The theme of the show is “Uzenet,” or “The Message,” focused around the commemoration of the March 15, 1848 Hungarian revolution, but that is only the backdrop of this show which will feature three generations of dancers, musicians, and singers, with returning former members of both groups (including myself), in an exciting, humorous yet touching display of Hungarian culture at its finest in America.